Where to meet a partner for a serious relationship over 40-50? According to the observations of psychologists, women are most often concerned about this issue. Men are more likely to ask how to meet women. There are quite a few trainings devoted to this, and this is just a skill.

And yet, where to meet a mature woman who is working, which means that the circle of friends and a team of colleagues has more or less formed, which cannot be said about her personal life. Some women believe that you can get acquainted anywhere. But the chances of meeting an adequate accomplished man who wants to develop relationships further, as it turns out, still depends on the place of acquaintance.

On the street.

Back in the early 2000s, it was believed that getting to know each other on the street or on public transport was normal. But now, in big cities, a certain number of pick-up artists, gigolos and scammers have been added. Therefore, now it is difficult to say who the man actively trying to get to know you is.

Of course, everything is possible in our life. Including acquaintance on the street can attract a worthy person to you. - But nowadays almost every successful man and woman has a car in which they drive all day (from home to work, from work to fitness center, from fitness center to supermarket, and so on). Therefore, you can rarely meet them walking alone through the streets.

In the cafe.

Indeed, should single people dine somewhere? During a business lunch, bars, cafes, food courts are literally crowded with men. However, here's the catch: business people do come into a cafe for a snack. But professional seducers, as a rule, prefer to meet in such places. Therefore, dating for a serious relationship at lunch, in fact, happens only occasionally.

In the fitness center.

Not a bad option, because now many people want to keep themselves in proper physical shape, and a large number of well-established men and women visit fitness centers. However, they come here to train. Therefore, during training, you should not distract a person from exercise. But during rest, or when the complex comes to an end, it is quite possible to ask for help.

The chances of meeting a man in a fitness center depend on the time of day. Because a man who is busy with work can only afford to work there after work. If you visit the fitness center at the top time (in the evening - after 8 p.m.), then the probability of meeting a man in this place is 20 - 30%.

In the office.

At work, people spend a lot of time and are well aware of who this or that employee is. It's good to try and have an office romance. But the disadvantages are also obvious.

You are in plain sight, and it will be very difficult to hide your relationship, so most likely there will be gossip in the team. The bosses may think that you are not paying due attention to your work, and this will negatively affect your career growth in the future. Finally, if the relationship turns out to be unsuccessful, then one of the two will have to quit or suffer in silence.

If the listed disadvantages do not bother you, then it is very easy to get acquainted at work. However, sometimes it is much more profitable to get acquainted not at work, but at refresher courses or corporate training.

This allows you to get to know someone with whom you will not constantly see at work, which means that risks are minimized. But you have common interests, which is good for mutual understanding and further development of relations.


Travel more often in your region, country and world! It is quite possible to find your love there. Never refuse those business trips that the management offers you! Agree to all kinds of internships, retraining and advanced training courses, applications, residency, postgraduate and doctoral studies in other cities. Perhaps your personal Happiness has been waiting for you for a long time in another city or region (or even in another country!), And at this time, for the hundredth time to no avail, you comb the central street of your habitat and think with annoyance: “Well, where did you all hide something, eh?

In nightclubs and bars.

Never meet in specially designated places. Keep in mind: expensive nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and bars are usually not places where you can find a “serious relationship” friend. These are just places where a certain group of more or less successful men (wealthy entrepreneurs, high-ranking officials, swindlers of all stripes, just self-asserting revelers) at the age of 40-50 either pick up "fresh" mistresses for themselves, or gather for this to show off to each other their “coolness” and new achievements, as well as “develop” new “necessary” connections.

Professional kept women parasitizing on this group and adjoining “golden” boys and girls from wealthy families make this picture completely complete and deeply logical. Decent men and women who periodically get there either quickly realize their “foreignness” for this atmosphere and no longer strive there, or they accept the “rules of the game” imposed on them, adapt and become “like everyone else”. So you better look for your loved one elsewhere!

In friends company.

Practice shows that in about every fifth case of successful love friendship people are represented to each other by mutual acquaintances. The plus is that you get to know a person already "with a pedigree"! Someone can guarantee the "correctness" of their behavior. The person you meet in this way is likely to think the same way.

On dating sites.

According to statistics, on the average senior dating site about 20% of the profiles are owned by successful people who are inclined to get acquainted for a serious relationship.

Now let's analyze, 20% - a lot or a little? Even on the smallest dating site, we have at least 1,000 profiles. 20% out of a thousand - is 200. It turns out that even on the smallest dating site there are at least 200 seriously oriented people. What other place to meet could provide you with 200 potential candidates?

It turns out that the chances of meeting the right man on the Internet are actually higher than anywhere else. Why so - let's figure it out. What does the life of an average successful senior person consist of? It includes, most likely, career, sports, travel, communication with friends, spiritual development. The modern seniors are extremely busy. And those crumbs of free time that remain should be directed to acquaintance. Where can you meet quickly? Of course, via senior dating sites.

Bottom line: There are actually far more potential suitors on dating sites and social media than anywhere else. And in our time, the Internet is sometimes the only place where a mature people can get to know each other.

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